Lauren Seward

Data Collection Task Leader for the NLSY79 and NLSY97

NORC at the University of Chicago

Years on the NLS team: 2005-Present

Role: I have worked on every aspect of the NLSY79 during the last decade from mailings and inventory, to locating and field training materials and everything in between to overseeing the entire data collection efforts of the study since 2008.

What innovations have I helped introduce to the NLS

Introduced texting to how the field communicates with both respondents and their managers. Introduced a new online, interactive training for our field staff. Upcoming innovations to come will be new updated and tech friendly respondent websites and an electronic payment option for our respondents.

Why am I proud to be part of the NLS team

There are so many reason why the NLS team and the NLS program is something that I am proud to be a part of that there isn’t enough room to mention it all on this site! The NLS team is a wonderful group of people that work very hard to collect the best quality data for researchers to use. Our field interviewing staff come back round after round to be a part of the study and interview our respondents as they consider the NLS an important and motivating study to be a part of. Our respondents are truly wonderful as they continue to work with us to collect their information that has been instrumental in informing researchers and policy makers over decades! Over the years, I read articles, see policy change or hear discussion on the news, talk radio and podcasts that cover research done with the NLS data on a regular basis. I know that the data that we collect and that our respondents contribute to for the NLS program make a difference in policy, in conversation and our knowledge of the human experience. There is no other study like it in the US. How could you not be proud of that?!?!?!