Andrew Kohen

Associate Project Director

Center for Human Resource Research, Ohio State University

Years on the NLS team: 1968-1976

Role: I began as a Graduate Research Associate and progressed to become Associate Project Director. I wrote and edited many of the early reports for 3 of the original cohorts and wrote my doctoral dissertation using the NLS data on young men.

What innovations have I helped introduce to the NLS

In the earliest years a major challenge was developing a unified, multidisciplinary research team including both tenured faculty and graduate students en route to their doctorates.

Why am I proud to be part of the NLS team

The NLS has proven to be among the premier longitudinal research projects ever developed with long-lasting policy relevance and truly multidisciplinary orientation. I am proud of having been "on the ground floor" and having assisted in the design of many of the survey instruments as well as having conducted some of the earliest research using the data.