Karima Nagi

Archivist for the NLSY79

Center for Human Resource Research, Ohio State University

Years on the NLS team: 1989-2014

Role: I was the senior archivist for the NLSY79 cohort.

Why am I proud to be part of the NLS team

The NLS data sets are a valuable resource in the effort to understand what life is like in the United States. The various cohorts of NLS respondents, to whom we are all first and foremost indebted, have built an exceptional body of information that continues to contribute to the national conversation. As senior archivist (recently retired) for the NLSY79, I had the unique opportunity for many years to help record and preserve the life experiences of the cohort of young baby boomers. It has been a privilege to work with an incomparable group of colleagues at CHRR and elsewhere.