Kathryn Dawson Moneysmith

Technical Editor

Center for Human Resource Research, Ohio State University

Years on the NLS team: 1990-1994, 1997, 2005-present

Role: I first worked on the NLS project from 1990-1994, left and came back in 1997, then left and came back again in 2005 and have remained since that time. Obviously, it’s a hard project to stay away from! I started out as an assistant archivist for the Original Cohorts and later joined the documentation team.

What innovations have I helped introduce to the NLS

I’ve written dozens of NLS News issues (the quarterly newsletter for the overall project) and hundreds of pages of the Users Guides (both hard copy and online text). I also have the privilege of conducting online searches to discover the latest NLS-related research efforts. It’s such a charge to read through an article and see the NLS listed as the data source! And I especially love it when NLS research gets covered by national and international media!

Why am I proud to be part of the NLS team

Because I’ve been associated with the NLS off and on through different phases, I’ve experienced a lot of changes. Back in 1990, for instance, we did cutting and pasting of the questionnaires with actual scissors and glue! Two constants have remained throughout the years: the caliber of coworkers I’ve had and the caliber of the data. I’m honored to be part of the NLS.