Taehyun Ahn


School of Economics, Sogang University, Korea

NLS user since 2006

  • Attitudes toward Risk and Self-Employment of Young Workers, Labour Economics, 17 (2) April 2010, 434-442.
  • Divorce as Risky Behavior (with Audrey Light), Demography, 47(4), November 2010, 895-921.
  • Racial Differences in Self-Employment Exits, Small Business Economics, 36(2), February 2011, 169-186.
  • Locus of Control and Job Turnover, Economic Inquiry, 53(2), April 2015, 1350–1365.
  • The Employment Dynamics of Less Educated Men in the United States: The Role of Self-Employment, forthcoming, Canadian Journal of Economics
What I learned from NLS data

Using measures of risk preferences and personality traits available in the NLSY79, I found that personality, and attitudes significantly affect worker's career choices and job change decisions.

Why I chose NLS data

Detailed work history data available in the NLS enable me to investigate the fundamental reasons behind the racial gap in labor market outcomes.