Siyu Liu

Assistant Professor

Department of Criminal Justice, New Jersey City University

NLS user since 2009

  • S. Liu. (2015). Is the Shape of the Age-Crime Curve Invariant by Sex? Evidence from a National Sample with Flexible Non-parametric Modeling. Journal of Quantitative Criminology, 31(1), 93-123
What I learned from NLS data

NLSY97 data provides valuable longitudinal follow-ups on youth and young adults in the crime and substance use domains. From my research I found that females desist earlier than males and the age-crime curves by sex do carry statistically different shapes.

Why I chose NLS data

NLSY97 data have been collected and maintained (in good quality) for 15 waves now. This important longitudinal aspect and its consistency are what many data sets do not have. In criminological research, it is recognized that criminal behaviors bear age-graded change that is meaningful to prevention and promotion of desistance. NLSY97 data offer this angle with relatively consistent quality.