Yoko Mimura

Assistant Professor

Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, California State University Northridge

NLS user since 1998

  • Mimura, Y. (2013). Variations in retirement account holdings among women: Native and immigrants in the U.S. International Journal of Business and Finance Research, 7(5), 11-22.
  • Mauldin, T.A., & Mimura, Y. (2007). Marrying, unmarrying, and poverty dynamics among mothers with children living at home. Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 28(4), 566-582.
  • Mimura, Y., & Mauldin, T.A. (2005). American young adults’ rural to urban migration and timing of exits from poverty spells. Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 26(1), 55-76.
  • Mauldin, T.A., & Mimura, Y. (2001). Exit from poverty among rural and urban Black, Hispanic, and White young adults. The Review of Black Political Economy, 29(1), 9-23.
  • Mauldin, T.A., Mimura, Y., & Wilmarth, M.J. (2009, July). Savings behavior among cohabiting, married, and single persons. Poster presented at the Agricultural and Applied Economics and American Council on Consumer Interests 2009 Joint Meeting, Milwaukee, WI.
  • Vanderford, S.E., Mimura, Y., Linnenbrink, M., & Mauldin, T.A. (2006, November). Income resources of low-income families with children in the United States: Does cohabitation matter? Paper presented at the 2006 Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Fall Research Conference, Madison, WI.
What I learned from NLS data

NLS was the first public use large dataset I worked with. It provided learning opportunities for me to engage in research using other public use large datasets, and kept my research moving.

Why I chose NLS data

I chose NLS for my first research using existing data because senior professors told me it was relatively easy to use. I found NLS the right choice for several of my research questions because the staff was amazingly helpful.