Bianca Bersani

Assistant Professor

Department of Sociology, University of Massachusetts Boston

NLS user since 2003

  • Bersani, Bianca E. and Stephanie M. DiPietro. “Examining the Salience of Marriage on Offending for Black and Hispanic Men.” Justice Quarterly (forthcoming).
  • Bersani, Bianca E. 2014. “A Game of Catch-up? The Offending Experience of Second Generation Immigrants” Crime and Delinquency 60: 60-84
  • Bersani, Bianca E. 2014. “An Examination of First and Second Generation Immigrant Offending Trajectories.” Justice Quarterly 31:315-343
  • Bersani, Bianca E. and Elaine Eggleston Doherty. 2013. “When the Ties that Bind Unwind: Examining the Enduring and Situational Processes of Change behind the Marriage Effect” Criminology 51: 399-433
  • Bersani, Bianca E. and Constance L. Chapple. 2007. “School Failure as an Adolescent Turning Point.” Sociological Focus, 40: 370-391.
  • Chapple, Constance L., Kimberly A. Tyler, and Bianca E. Bersani. 2004. “Childhood Neglect and Adolescent Violence: Examining Individual and Peer Effects.” Violence and Victims, 20: 39-53.
Why I chose NLS data

I was introduced to the NLS as an early graduate student performing research assistance for faculty members. After a few years of researching others' questions, I found that the NLS survey series offered up great potential for questions I had, particularly concerning predictors of involvement in crime, patterns of offending over the life course, and most recently the relationship between immigration and crime. Few, if any, data sources have information on both immigration status and criminal offending needless-to-say having this information longitudinally and intergenerationally. The NLS continues to be an invaluable source of data for my research!