Katherine Lim

Graduate Student

Department of Economics, University of Michigan

NLS user since 2013

  • Lim, Katherine. "Self-Employment and Motherhood: A Dynamic Model of Fertility and Labor Supply." Working Paper. University of Michigan. Ann Arbor.
What I learned from NLS data

I have been very impressed by the richness of the NLSY79 data. The detailed survey design and vast span of topics covered have allowed me to improve my research in ways that other datasets would not allow. For example, the NLSY79 collects information on dual jobs, which are particularly important for the self-employed. The survey's questions about attitudes and expectations provide additional information on individuals' underlying preferences for work and children above and beyond observed education, fertility and employment outcomes.

Why I chose NLS data

My research project studies the impact of self-employment within married women's career trajectories. The long time frame and detailed employment and fertility history in the NLSY79 make it the ideal data source for my analysis.