Kathleen Ziol-Guest

Research Associate Professor

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, New York University

NLS user since 2004

  • Ziol-Guest, K. M., Dunifon, R. E., & Kalil, A. (2013). Parental employment and children’s body weight: Mothers, others, and mechanisms. Social Science & Medicine, 95, 52-59.
  • Kalil, A., Ziol-Guest, K. M., & Levin-Epstein, J. (2010). Nonstandard work and marital instability: Evidence from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth. Journal of Marriage and Family, 72(5), 1289-1300.
  • Kalil, A. & Ziol-Guest, K. M. (2005). Single mothers’ employment dynamics and adolescent well-being. Child Development, 76, 196-211.
What I learned from NLS data

So much of the work I have done (and continue to do with the NLSY79) is focused on being able to match parents with children and understand the intergenerational transmission of various mechanisms.

Why I chose NLS data

The availability of not only high-quality longitudinal data, but also the intergenerational aspect of the study are one of its greatest strengths.