Jason Houle

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Department of Sociology, Dartmouth College

NLS user since 2009

  • Houle, Jason and Danya Keene. 2015. “Getting Sick and Falling Behind: Health and the Risk of Mortgage Default and Home Foreclosure” Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health 69:382-387
  • Houle, Jason. 2015. “Out of the Nest and Into the Red: The Dynamics of Debt in Young Adulthood.” Pp. 17-30 in Owned, D Hartmann and C Uggen, eds. New York: WW Norton (also appears at The Society Pages http://thesocietypages.org/papers/out-of-the-nest-into-the-red/).
  • Houle, Jason. 2014. “Disparities in Debt: Parents’ Socioeconomic Status and Young Adult Student LoanDebt.” Sociology of Education 87:53-69.
  • Houle, Jason. 2014. “A Generation Indebted: Young Adult Debt Across Three Cohorts” Social Problems 661:448-465.
  • Houle, Jason and Lonnie Berger. “Are Student Loans Replacing Mortgages? Student Loan Debt and Home Buying” (Paper is currently under review)
  • Houle, Jason and Lonnie Berger. 2015. “The End of The American Dream? Student Loan Debt and Home buying Among Young Adults” (Policy paper for Third Way: http://www.third-way.com, forthcoming)