Alison Aughinbaugh

Research Economist

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Research economist in the NLS program at the BLS

NLS user since 1995

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  • “The Effects of High School Math Curriculum on College Attendance: Evidence from the NLSY97”, Economics of Education Review, 31(6): 861-870, 2012.
  • “The Impact of Family Structure Transitions on Child Achievement: Evidence from the Children of the NLSY79” (with Donna S. Rothstein and Charles R. Pierret), Demography, August 2005
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  • “The Impact of Attrition on the Children of the NLSY79”, Journal of Human Resources, Spring 2004
Why I chose NLS data

The intergenerational links between mother and their children make the NLSY79 and its child/young adult supplement invaluable. Because the data set continues to follow all children of the women in the NLSY79, I have been able to examine how decisions that parents make affect their children, during childhood and now as they age into adulthood.