50 Years of NLS Respondents

April 11, 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the first NLS interview ever conducted.

On that day, please join us in giving a rousing cheer to the 53,669 men, women, and children who have participated in NLS interviews.

It is impossible to repay these NLS respondents for what they have given us over the past 50 years—but let’s take advantage of 50 years of technological progress and throw a virtual party in their honor!

Days left to NLS Respondent Appreciation Day:

… to the 53,669 respondents who agreed to be (repeatedly) interviewed during the first 50 years of the NLS. The NLS researchers and staff who are also acknowledged on this anniversary website are humbled by the patience, generosity, and loyalty of NLS respondents. These men, women, and children are the NLS!