50 (or More) Bar Charts Summarizing NLS Data

For a simple overview of just a few of the patterns that can be investigated with NLS data, please enjoy the graphs shown here. We urge you to note the following:

  • We focus on simple outcomes that are measured for multiple cohorts of the NLS.
  • In some instances, subtle differences in samples, question wording, and coding might affect cross-cohort comparability.
  • We omit statistics for a given cohort, race/ethnic group, and/or age if the data are unavailable, or if available samples are very small.
  • Our graphs use the same race/ethnicity categories (Black, White, Other) for all seven cohorts. For the NLSY79, NLSY97, and Child/Young Adult cohorts, these represent the following:
    • Black=non-Hispanic black
      White=non-black, non-Hispanic