Research Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the NLS

NLS Anniversary Session at the Twentieth Society of Labor Economists (SOLE) Meetings & Fourth SOLE/EALE World Conference

Montreal, QC, Canada, June 26-28, 2015

Chair: Audrey Light, Ohio State University

Solomon W. Polachek, State University of New York at Binghamton; Tirthatanmoy Das, University of Central Florida; and Rewat Thamma-Apiroam, Kasetsart University, Thailand: “Heterogeneity in the Production of Human Capital

Meghan Skira, University of Georgia; Andrew Beauchamp, Boston College; Geoffrey Sanzenbacher, Boston College; and Shannon Seitz, Analysis Group: “Single Moms and Deadbeat Dads: The Role of Earnings, Marriage Market Conditions, and Preference Heterogeneity

Harley Frazis, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Mark A. Loewenstein, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: “Training and Jobs Across the Career:  An Empirical Investigation