Meet Randy Olsen

Long-Time Director of the NLS at Ohio State University

Randy has headed the NLS team at Ohio State University for 28 years and counting. The NLS has undergone much technological change during Randy’s tenure, and many of those changes—including the development and implementation of CAPI/CATI software and the development of NLS Investigator—would not have happened as soon and as well without his leadership.

View Randy’s comments on how technological innovation has led to (lots) more and better NLS data.

Warning: If such terms as “event history” and “flap item” are not in your lexicon, you might want to read Learn to Speak Eneless (NLS) before viewing Randy’s video.

… to the individuals at the U.S. Department of Labor, the Center for Human Resource Research at Ohio State University, NORC at the University of Chicago, and the U.S. Census Bureau who teamed together to conduct the NLS for 50 years. Without the hard work and dedication of these individuals, there would be no NLS!

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